Fight ….

Iam the standing in a midst of battleground …
Holding the sharpened sword of feelings .and defending shields of emotions …
What I see  vividly is  …
The oppenent who I was  fighting is myself …
I am the one who is running away …
Iam the who is chasing me…
Being the one who started the war…
Losing was never a option from melancholy of the brave hearts …
Even I knew I would get lost with my self .
I calmed down and said to myself …
“Destiny …. Such a bitch “


I stole a start for you …
From the skies i live
I brought a cloud for you …
From the dreams i see
Now reject me

You Bring a smile for me
From the bliss of your remiss
You add a charm to me
From the best apart the rest
I reject you now


Madness matters

Madness always matters :
Nights I slept when questions lullaby me …

Linking letters to express …
Loving expression to live …
Living lies to the death ..
Dying to know secrets of thunders I see 

Mad they call me
Mad I think ..
Mad enough to see this ugly world
Through beautiful thoughts of mine ,.
Iam one of them …
Yet they call me mad …

Lonely Lie

   Happiness is striving for its existence 

Loneliness is ruling kingdom of hearts 
ladies and gentleman 
grave is nearing day by day 
Consciousness is loosing its stream night by night 
let the fortune find For”tune” to thyself
” long live the joys of enjoyment”
says my mind after its silhouette has passed away 
beyond nightmares 
am telling the truth to cover a unseen lie 
am thinking a space to make a sky 
a, starting to clarify the confusion of my cry 
but don’t know why am  i
suffering a lonely lie