The Inconsequentials

the inconsequentials

If I were to dream.
I would be a wandering across mindful skies in whimsical reflections of mine.
that’s the reason I dare not to.
If I were to love,
I would turn back and feel the blisters of throwback memories .
That’s the reason I prefer not to.
If I were to walk,
I would be trampling myself over unbloomed wishes in doleful silence.
That’s the reason I care not to.
If I were to wonder,
I would start with glory life and conclude for its trivial gory end.
That’s the reason I try not to.
If I were to reason,
There exists you all to crush, theĀ far midst buried in me,
That’s the reason I aim not to.
After all you and I are one among “inconsequentials”.


August 7th 2016 11.32 pm