The Inconsequentials

the inconsequentials

If I were to dream.
I would be a wandering across mindful skies in whimsical reflections of mine.
that’s the reason I dare not to.
If I were to love,
I would turn back and feel the blisters of throwback memories .
That’s the reason I prefer not to.
If I were to walk,
I would be trampling myself over unbloomed wishes in doleful silence.
That’s the reason I care not to.
If I were to wonder,
I would start with glory life and conclude for its trivial gory end.
That’s the reason I try not to.
If I were to reason,
There exists you all to crush, the far midst buried in me,
That’s the reason I aim not to.
After all you and I are one among “inconsequentials”.


August 7th 2016 11.32 pm

Sink , Sank , Sunk


Life is good for nothing .
You will be neither happy nor sad by the end.

Its all about giving up and loosing oneself .

Sometimes , Its kind of funny too .
You try to be someone else ,
Though you ought to be yourself .

Long ago, Your journey started in on a wretched ship
Over the sea of life .
You still didn’t realize you are the half sank wrecked one .
Sink in your thoughts buddy,
Because , You just have one direction to head .
You know , Its Just DOWN the way to solitude .


7:20 pm 30-05-2016

The half done Vigor


Yet another day ,

Started with a walk in mindful fairway .

Yet another rejection,

Cleared a mist with its thunder inflection .

Yet another life , I thought

For the Silence to be caught.

Wait for a day, So that  I can say .

Just three more words of finish .
“Yes ! No More . ”

Until then , left unf…….

13-05-2016 12:49 AM.

Let me be …..

Sometimes, unmanageable love seems to put up the walls of selfishness and hatred in you.

As Defeat served as the perfect dish for the winner of hearts.

Shining “you” turn into lackluster trinket for others.

Single-word speech can have an effect of thunderstruck on mind.

In the far lands of peace in pieces.

It’s me who exists, with myself.

Never tried. Never lived.

Forgot the dreams.

I said to myself at this moment

“Why seize to exists ?

Let me be the forgotten one. ”