Sink , Sank , Sunk


Life is good for nothing .
You will be neither happy nor sad by the end.

Its all about giving up and loosing oneself .

Sometimes , Its kind of funny too .
You try to be someone else ,
Though you ought to be yourself .

Long ago, Your journey started in on a wretched ship
Over the sea of life .
You still didn’t realize you are the half sank wrecked one .
Sink in your thoughts buddy,
Because , You just have one direction to head .
You know , Its Just DOWN the way to solitude .


7:20 pm 30-05-2016

The half done Vigor


Yet another day ,

Started with a walk in mindful fairway .

Yet another rejection,

Cleared a mist with its thunder inflection .

Yet another life , I thought

For the Silence to be caught.

Wait for a day, So that  I can say .

Just three more words of finish .
“Yes ! No More . ”

Until then , left unf…….

13-05-2016 12:49 AM.