Burning Illusions


Shh…. listen to the murmurs
They are talking about the creepy you.
One says “Me & my”.
Other says ” They & Them”.
None say “we and us”.
Some are selfless.
Few are better off with you.

They don’t know trillion unknowns in you .
Just like you , they just don’t bother .




Silence of Infinitesimals


you break few minutes for lustre dreams.
you discern yourself with lonesome gleams.
you chuckle for fallacies in unconscious screams.

In a flash away from “I”,
there will be a momentary “me”,
to welcome the undeniable “you”.
who has been a silenced thunder
beyond anyone’s clue.


11:28 pm , April 20th, 2017

The Inconsequentials

the inconsequentials

If I were to dream.
I would be a wandering across mindful skies in whimsical reflections of mine.
that’s the reason I dare not to.
If I were to love,
I would turn back and feel the blisters of throwback memories .
That’s the reason I prefer not to.
If I were to walk,
I would be trampling myself over unbloomed wishes in doleful silence.
That’s the reason I care not to.
If I were to wonder,
I would start with glory life and conclude for its trivial gory end.
That’s the reason I try not to.
If I were to reason,
There exists you all to crush, the far midst buried in me,
That’s the reason I aim not to.
After all you and I are one among “inconsequentials”.


August 7th 2016 11.32 pm

Sink , Sank , Sunk


Life is good for nothing .
You will be neither happy nor sad by the end.

Its all about giving up and loosing oneself .

Sometimes , Its kind of funny too .
You try to be someone else ,
Though you ought to be yourself .

Long ago, Your journey started in on a wretched ship
Over the sea of life .
You still didn’t realize you are the half sank wrecked one .
Sink in your thoughts buddy,
Because , You just have one direction to head .
You know , Its Just DOWN the way to solitude .


7:20 pm 30-05-2016

The half done Vigor


Yet another day ,

Started with a walk in mindful fairway .

Yet another rejection,

Cleared a mist with its thunder inflection .

Yet another life , I thought

For the Silence to be caught.

Wait for a day, So that  I can say .

Just three more words of finish .
“Yes ! No More . ”

Until then , left unf…….

13-05-2016 12:49 AM.

Confidant Absence

2014-03-26-Alone_Man1440x900-thumb “We shared our emptiness , We shared our thoughts .

Our friendship is tied with sturdy naughts.

Moments in your absence ,

Left me with melancholy of silence.

There exists me with you my friend ,
While being miles apart. Remembering all our smiles at heart.

Miss you my dear,

let me not loose you streaming time of fear.”

Jan 1st 2016 4:24pm